Zoos and Farms

Small Zoo in the Suburbs

A small, cute private zoo in Petropavlivska Borshagivka, ten minutes from Kyiv International School. I wouldn't make a day trip for this but if you happen to be in the area, worth going to see.  

Where: Petropavlivska Borshagivka, vul Pivnichna (left end if you're facing the forest)

Photo ©Kyiv with Kids

Ekzoland Zoo

A small indoors exotic terrarium inside Dream Town mall.

Where: pr Obolonskiy 1B 

When: Mon-Sun 11am-8pm

Photo ©Kyiv with Kids

Animal Park

A nicely maintained petting zoo with exotic as well as domestic animals and birds.

Where: pr Akademika Hlushkova 1

When: Summer 10am-8pm, Winter 10am-6pm

Photo ©Kyiv with Kids

Kyiv Oceanarium

Small but colourful aquarium inside Detsky Mir mall.

Where: vul Andriya Malyshka 3

When: Mon 10am-3pm, Tue-Sun 10am-7:30pm

Photo ©Kyiv with Kids

Enotiya Petting Zoo

Feed and play with small animals at this small but well maintained indoors petting zoo inside Art Mall.  

Where: Akademika Zabolotnoho 37 

When: 10am-10pm every day

Photo ©Kyiv with Kids

Ostrich Farm

30 kms from the city centre in the village of Yasnogorodka, a great farm for a day out. ​

Where: Yasnogorodka, vul Pidlisna 32

When: 10am-7pm every day

Photo ©Kyiv with Kids

Kyiv Zoo

Where: prospekt Peremogi  32

When: Mon 12 to 6pm, Tue-Sund 9am-6pm

Photo @Kyiv with Kids

12 Months Zoo

Well-maintaned private zoo with small petting zoo 40 kms from the city centre in the village of Demidov, perfect for a day out.​

Where: Demidov, vul Verbova 79

When: 10am-7pm

Photo ©Kyiv with Kids

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