Sports and Recreation

Cosmos Golf - Indoors Golf Center

Where: prosp Peremogi 24 (Smart Plaza)

When: 10am-7pm every day

Velodrome Cycling Track

Where: vul Bodhana Khmelnytskoho 58

When: 7am-9pm daily

Ice Arena

Indoor Free Flying/Indoor Sky Diving

Pony Club

Where: vul Kasiyanna 1


Aqua Life Club - English speaking instructors.

Where:  Insytutska 18A

When: daily

  • Hilton Hotel and Premier Palace Hotel also have English speaking instructors

  • 5 Element

JIWA Rock Climbing

10 minutes from Kyiv International School.

Where; vul Heroiv Kosmosa 2B
When: Mon-Fri 10am-10pm, Sat-Sun 10am-8pm

Also check out UP Climbing for another good option.

Roller Skating

Ice Skating

Kyiv Golf Center

Golf lessons for kids and adults in English and great birthday parties and other events.

Where: pr Heroiv Stalinhradu  10

Bicyle Rental

By the entrance of VDNKk.

Where: pr Akademika Hlushkova 1

X Park

Where: Druzhby Narodov Park


Address: 2T Henerala Vatutina St (Sky Mall)
Opening hours: Daily 10-10pm


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