Kyiv with Kids Top 10 - Vegan in Kyiv

It's increasingly easier to follow a vegetarian or even a vegan lifestyle in Kyiv. I don't cook meat and our family is more or less committed to making vegan choices whenever possible, I have a nice repertoire of 'Kyiv Vegan' favourites that I want to share with you. We are always on the look-out for new ones and can't wait for the street food festivals to be back to discover more.

Eat in/Take Out

Imbir - our favourite Kyiv vegetarian/vegan restaurant

Nebos - raw food restaurant


Nikogo Ne Em

Green13 - at Bessarabskaya market


Yaro - order or look out for their products at larger grocery stores

Green Chef - healthy sandwiches, dishes, drinks

Healthy Tradition - the best! healthy snacks, gluten free, sugar free, all natural, order online or find their products at larger grocery stores

Box Catering - order a day or at 2 hours notice, they are not a vegan/vegetarian company exclusively but their vegan and vegetarian boxes are great. Fabulous boxes!

In store

Good Wine at Mechnikova 9 has the best selection of vegan ingredients and options in Kyiv but for fruits, greens, nuts and vegetables I prefer to shop at one of Kyiv's famous markets - Bessarabskaya, Volodymirska or Stolichniy markets are our most frequented ones.

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