Hello and Good Bye

Newcomers to Kyiv, welcome - have fun, enjoy, Kyiv is a pretty good place to live even in times of Covid. And as a way of saying goodbye, let me leave you with a few simple tips.

The Culture Trip website is a great resource (for your travels as well, by the way) and always has some new info about Kyiv. Start there. Likewise, Spotted by Locals - both the website and the app has provided me with many quirky gems. The local Destinations UA website is not very active these days but as long as they keep their old posts up on the website, it's another good source of info.

Last I checked, it appears What's on Kyiv is back in business, bookmark that, too.

The two tour guide companies I used for my Let's Explore tours with excellent English speaking guides are Kyiv Friendly and Awesome Kyiv, there are countless others of course, but these two never failed.

If you're on Facebook, set the events heading to Kyiv, Ukraine and sooner or later all current happenings will pop up in your feed.

Check back later, I will add a few more, just wanted to get this off the ground in case you're feeling a bit lost.

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