Secret Kyiv


The Actor and the Dachsund

Where: vul Ivana Franka 3

'Fishing' Boys

The 'Fishing' Boys are to be found in Mosaic Park/Peizazhna Alley/Children's Landscape Park. They will make you laugh.

Where: enter from Velika Zhytomirska 10

Lamps in Love

What else but a Constantin Skritutsky creation - on Maidan.

Babin Yar

A beautiful ravine if you want to talk history with your older children. Ukrainians picnic and play here nowadays but it is a memorial site of the 1941 massacre when in September more than 30,000 Jews were shot into the ravine .


Where: vul Oranchereina 10

The Director's Chair

Where: Mariinsky Park

The Dog and the Wolf

These wooden sculptures are the heroes of the Ukrainian folk tale, Sirko. A few steps from the Ballerina, in front of  Tri:, one of Kyiv's vegan restaurants.

Where: vul Olesya Honchara 15/3


You'll find Kyiv's most famous Ballerina on the corner of Striletska and Stritenska streets. This gentle, graceful statue was made by, as many other Kyiv secrets, Constantin Skritutsky and is a memorial to a famous ballerina who used to live in the street and the artist's favorite. Go on a scavenger hunt to find all the Skritutsky creations in Kyiv!

Where: corner of Striletska and Stritenska streets

White Piano

In honour of Chopin's 200th anniversary, in front of a children's music school. close to the Polish embassy.

Where: vul Bohdana Khmelnitskovo 37

Gogol's Nose

According to legend, this is the place where Gogol wrote his famous story about the nose that belonged to Major Kovalyov. The kids will love it and will want to join the line to touch the already shiny nose for good luck.

Where: vul Desiyatinna  13

Secret Handprints

Here's my dilemma - if I tell you where to find them, the secret will be ruined forever. But you know I will tell you anyways. Look for the handprints on the back side of the Yaroslaviv  the Wise Monument - the sculptor left them there for us just for fun. 


Where: Golden Gate, Volodymyrska 40A

Hedgehog in the Fog

Click on the More Info link to find out all you need to know about this cute little hedgehog - a Consantin Skritutsky creation, of course.


Where: corner of vul Reitarska 1

Ravens in the Yard

Originally three rescued ravens - one from hunters, one from the zoo and one fell out of its nest -  Kirill, Korbin and Karbusha lived in the yard but I think there are only two left now.


Where: vul Reitarska 9

White Cat Made of Forks

Who else but Constantin Skritutsky's White Cat is made of hundreds of plastic forks and lives in a tree at vul Volodymyrska 40A (in the Golden Gate park). How many times have you walked past it without noticing?

Where: vul Volodymyrska 40A

Pantagruel the Cat

You will find Pantagruel the Bronze Cat in front of the Pantagruel Osteria, once believed to be Kyiv's best pizzeria. It is a monument to the cat who used to live in the restaurant and died in a fire in 1997.


Where: vul Lysenka 1 (Golden Gate park)

Flower Clock on Kreshatyik

In front of Zhovten (October) Palace, it is the biggest flower clock in the world with its 20 m diameter. It is made of about 80,000 flowers, changed every year.

Where: Heroiv Nebesnoy Sotni 2


A Kyiv icon, a Constantin Skritutsky creation, needless to say.

Where: Shevchenko park

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