Parks and Playgrounds


Without doubt our  favourite playground in Kyiv with a huge sandbox and several high quality wooden tree houses and climbing walls.  It's right next to Praha restaurant on the territory of VDNKk and it's shady even on the hottest of summer days.

Address: pr Akademika Hlushkova 1
Opening hours: Daily 10am-9pm

Seiklar Rope Park

Where: vul Slavhorodska 49
When: Daily 10am-8pm

Sky Park

Nice seasonal rope park. There are several locations, we usually go to the one at VDNKh.

Where: pr Akademika Hlushkova 1
When: daily 10am-9pm

Mosaic Park

A long park and playground  also known as Peizazhna Alley or Children's Landscape Park full of wonders. It runs parallel with  Velyka Zhytomirska  and the easiest entry point is from Velyka Zhytomirska 10. As many Kyiv secrets, this, of course, is also made entirely by artist Constantin Skritutsky.

When: 24/7


VDNKk - the Expocenter - has turned into a really cool venue over the past few years and provides for hours and hours of fun in all seasons. From Winter Wonderland to cool shows, Teleport 360, the Robot Show, Animal Park petting zoo, Sky Park rope park, Lemurashnik interactive playground, Goydalok playground, huge water slides in the summer, ice skating in the winter, bicycle rentals and the list goes on. Also read about my really cool Behind the Scenes tour of this fabulous place full of Soviet memories. 

Address: pr Akademika Hlushkova 1

Holosievskiy Park

With a beautiful monastery on the grounds, this is a wonderful park to hang out in, picnic, play or bike. It's close to VDNKh and Praha restaurant, on the same side.

Address: pr Holosievskiy

Shevchenko Park

One of most popular parks in the city center with playgrounds, cafes, great green space opposite the imposing red building of Tarasa Shevchenko university. Explore and enjoy some cool benches and lamps, too and don't forget to take a picture with Constantin Skritutskyi's famous Babushka sculpture.

Address: Shevchenko boulevard


A bit run down but with lots of green space and water activities especially if you're looking for that nostalgic Soviet feel.  The Ukraine in Miniature open air museum is a good enough reason to visit this space.

Ozero Vidro (Bucket Lake) in Koncha Zaspa

27 kms/40 min from Kyiv International School

Botanical Gardens

There are two botanical gardens in Kyiv, one behind the university on Shevchenko avenue but Gryshko National Botanical Gardens is our favorite. Going to see the blooming lilacs in April/May will be an unforgettable experince. There is a nice little playground, a greenhouse or just bring along a picnic and wonder along.

Address: vul Timyriaevska 1

Opening hours: 8:30am-9pm

Marinskiy Park

When: 24/7

Park Goydalok

Great playground on the territory of VDNKh.

Address: pr Akademika Hlushkova  1
Opening hours: Daily 10am-11pm

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