Open Air Museums

Baikove Cemetery

Baikove Cemetery is an open air museum,  a national historic landmark and all the famous people of Ukraine are buried here.  Start with Plot 52, the most famous part of the cemetery. Maps at the entrance are available at random.

Where: vul Baikove 6

Photo ©Kyiv with Kids

Mamayeva Sloboda

The smaller one of Kyiv's two open air museums dedicated to Ukrainian and Kozak traditions near Kosmopolit shopping mall. On summer weekends they offer various workshops, there is a great playground, old church, traditional buildings, a pond, animals and birds, horse shows.

Where: vul Mykhaila Dontsa 1

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Also known as the Museum of Corruption, the former Yanukovich residence is a half an hour drive from Kyiv centre, It's the most stunning park to visit far and wide. Golf carts are available for rent.

Where: Novi Petrivsty
When: daily 10am-10pm

Photo ©Kyiv with Kids

Kyivan Rus Park

Fantastic festivals especially but not exclusively around national holidays with updated information in English on the website.


Where: Kopachiv

When: open every day

Photo ©Kyiv with Kids

Kyiv Fortress

Where: vul Hospitalna 24A
When: Mon-Sun 10am-6pm and Fri-10am-4:45pm

Photo ©Kyiv with Kids

Railway Museum

At Kyiv Central Railway station, platform 14. You can climb on most of the trains and touch and feel everything.  You'll be transported back to pre-revolutionary times then travel through the Soviet era all the way to today.

Where: vul Privokzalnaya 1
When: 10am-6pm, closed between 12noon-1pm

Photo ©Kyiv with Kids

Ukraine in Miniature

This miniature models park started out with only Kyiv models and has grown into displaying dozens of famous Ukrainian buildings on a 1:33 scale. After visiting you'll want to travel all over the country to see them for real. Guided tours in English are available but it's necessary to pre-book.

Where: pr Brovarskiy 9B on the territory of Hydropark
When: Mon-Fri 10am-7pm and Sat-Sun 10am-9pm

Photo ©Kyiv with Kids

Pirogovo Open Air Museum

Pirogovo is Kyiv's biggest open air ethnographic museum. preserving or replicating numerous building structures from all the regions of Ukraine. Guided tours in English are available.

Where: Tronka, vul Akademichna (clearly signposted on vu Akademika Zabolotnovo, the main road)

When: 10am-7pm daily

Photo ©Pirogovo

Aviation Museum

It is the largest open air aviation museum in Europe, displaying 70 aircrafts, many of them you can climb on.   There is a small hill near one of the walls from which you can watch planes at next door Zhulyani airport land and take off.

Where: vul Medovaya  1
When: Wed-Sun 10am-5pm (10am-7pm in the summer)

Photo ©Kyiv with Kids

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