Indoor Amusement Parks


Where: pl Sportivna 1A

Ukraina Mall

Where: pl Peremogi 3


Inside Art Mall, a real children's paradise.

Where: vul Akademika Zabolotnoho 37
When: Daily 10am-9:45pm


Where: pr Stepana Bandery 34B, at Blockbuster
When: Tue-Fri 12-9pm and Sat-Sun 11am-9pm



Really the coolest indoor entertainment in Kyiv but very crowded on the weekends. Try to go on a weekday when the kids don't have school and it will be tons of fun.

Where: vul Berkovetska 6D

Art Mall

KidsWill, indoors skating, Yu Kids island (soft playing area), Artfabrika Lego Playroom, roller skating, 9D cinema, mirror labyrinth, Enotiya petting zoo, huge slides, family restaurants, best children's bookstore in town, children's clothing, toystore, best arts &crafts store in town.


Where:  vul Zabolotnogo 37


Blockbuster Entertainment Centre

Cinema, go-kart, bowling, rollerskating, Kidlandia, indoors rope park, lazer ball, Madagascar children's play area, shooting, upside down house, mirror labyrinth, restaurants.

Where: prospekt Stepana Banderi 34B

Cosmopolite Entertainment Centre

Inside the shopping mall. - ice skating rink, roller skating rink, bowling, Kinderland indoors play area, cinema.

Where: vul Vadima Hetmana  6

Happylon in Ocean Plaza

Huge indoors playing centre for all ages with an Ocean theme. Also a popular birthday party venue.

Where: vul Horkoho 176

When: Daily 10am-10pm


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